New Van Den Broek Topfalt & Rapidfalt

New in our offer: Van Den Broek Topfalt & Rapidfalt

Rock-solid products since 1938. Van Den Broek makes high-quality chemical construction products to repair and protect asphalt. The focus is mainly on cold asphalt.
Van Den Broek products are easy to apply and are in accordance with today’s ecological standards.


Structurax has been distributing Van Den Broek asphalt repair products for some time now, but is now adding 2 newcomers.

Van Den Broek Topfalt

Topphalt is an asphalt granulate product that is ideal for repairing small cracks and pits in asphalt. With just a gas burner, the product can be easily applied and forms a hard layer that can also withstand twisting traffic.

Van Den Broek Rapidfalt

Rapidphalt is a cold reactive asphalt mixture that can be applied perfectly without much processing. It cures quickly by spraying it with water. Ideal for repairing level differences, pits in the road surface and filling drill core holes.

You can find more Van Den Broek and other asphalt repair products here.


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