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New in our offer: parcelboxes eSafe®

From now on we offer an important part of the range of eSafe® package mailboxes, in various forms and formats.
The Waregems company succeeds very well in combining design with functionality.

An eSafe® package mailbox immediately catches the eye, is made in Belgium, and also allows you to deliver packages safely and easily at home 24/7.

eSafe products new in our offer - EN

The mailboxes can be ordered in 10 colors to order.
We always have mat 9005, the standard color, in stock or very quickly available. You will receive the house number from us free of charge.

Furthermore, the eSafe letterboxes mainly offer the following advantages:

  • you do not have to wait unnecessarily at home for your online order
  • it also does not bother your employer or neighbors
  • so no back and forth to collection or postal points

In short: eSafe® parcelboxes, the easy way!

Frequently asked Questions

Which are the most suitable eSafe package mailboxes for my home?

This depends on your preferences. In our opinion, the eSafe Fenix and Dropbox mailboxes are usually eligible. These are suitable for supplying shoes, ring binders, electronics, etc. All mailboxes are provided with a collection mousse. Price-quality these models are very good, and moreover they are easy to use and do not require a connection to the electricity grid, for example.esafe producten Dropbox small dropbox medium fenix top medium fenix front

What do I need for the installation of my eSafe parcelbox?

If you do not yet have a pedestal, you need:
– fast-drying concrete
– 4 concrete anchors
– a drilling machine with a concrete drill
– a wrench
– a spirit level

How does the installation of an eSafe letterbox go?

To start with, you need a hard surface, preferably a concrete base. It should be at least 2 cm wider than the letterbox anywhere.
If you do not yet have a pedestal, proceed as follows:
– dig a well of at least 30 cm deep
– fill the well with quick-drying concrete and make sure it is level
– let the concrete dry
– drill the holes according to the enclosed manual
– secure the letterbox with concrete anchors

eSafe product video

eSafe parcelboxes in our offer

More info can also be found on the eSafe website.

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