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New in our offer: Parklio® Gate: smart and automatic barrier

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Automatic parking gate - Innovative Parklio™ gate



After their success with the Parklio automatic parking barrier, the company behind Parklio comes with a smart and automatic barrier, the Parklio Gate. Just like with the Parklio smart parking bracket, the Parklio Gate can be operated with a smartphone.



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Parklio Gate – the boom length can be chosen between 3 and 8 meters



Parklio Gate – introduction

Parklio Gate puts an end to your worries about codes, tickets and lost or forgotten remotes when entering and exiting a car park. With this new, smart barrier you no longer have to leave your car.

You can open the intelligent barrier using the handy Parklio app. Closing is done automatically or by operating the app. Just like with the Parklio smart parking barrier, you can give your guests access with the app and a temporary digital key.

The Parklio barrier has the following functionalities:

  • opening is done with 1 click in the app
  • closing can be done with 1 click in the app, or automatically with the auto-close function, which is self-learning
  • detecting cars if they remain underneath, the barrier will not close
  • self-learning opening and closing times
  • various barriers can be synchronized by means of an optional syncro module
  • in the absence of power, the gate continues to operate using the B-PACK backup battery
  • hardware and software are available on request that operate and/or manage (several) Parklio Gate(s) efficiently and remotely


Parklio™ smartphone controled gate


Parklio – software & hardware

Apart from the smartphone app, no software is required for normal use of the Parklio. The Gate can always be opened and closed with just the smartphone app.
Additional hardware and software is available for remote management, monitoring and operation.

For example, the software can also ensure that certain barriers are up only on certain dates. That way, only employees and invited guests have access to the parking spaces.

Be sure to ask us about the possibilities.


Parklio Gate – installation

The installation can be done by your or our installation partners.

Once the Parklio Gate has been installed, there is no further need for additional products or systems for access control. The barrier is made of durable and resistant materials, which means that it is associated with low maintenance costs.


Parklio Gate – easy to use


As you can see, the Parklio Gate is super easy to use thanks to the free smartphone app.
That way you will never have forgotten remotes or codes.
The smart barrier can be used in many ways in public and private car parks, company sites, reserved parking spaces at hotels, screening off parking spaces in busy cities, etc.

We are convinced that this is a very nice product that removes a major source of irritation for you or your customer, at a very good price.

The Paklio Gate can be further expanded with many accessories, including a license plate recognition camera.
Read more and order via the product link below:


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