Order processing during Covid-19 Corona restrictions

The Covid-19 Corona virus has a major impact on all our Belgian and foreign stakeholders. Customers, suppliers, personnel, … Everyone notices the impact of the measures taken.


What is the impact on our company?

The impact on the operation of our company is rather limited and you as a customer can continue to order as usual. As an online wholesaler, we are organized to place, describe and document every product online, to receive and deliver orders. Everyone within the Structurax operation works from home, except for preparing and sending orders.

What will change for you as a customer?

Within the company we respect the imposed measures regarding social distancing. An additional measure is that orders cannot be collected from this week until further notice. Where collection was previously possible by appointment, everything is now sent.

What about stock?

All of our suppliers can continue to deliver our products adequately and with little delay, with the exception of certain over-requested products. This mainly includes personal protective equipment such as safety glasses and mouth masks. For the exact stock of these, and also other products, you can always send an e-mail, chat message, or telephone. Let’s all respect the imposed rules and hope for a quick turnaround.

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