Repair or renew asphalt

Asfalt herstellen met Chipfill reparatiekit

Do you need products with which you can repair and renew damage to your asphalt yourself for your driveway, parking lot or company site?

One of Structurax’s specialties is offering products to repair and renew your asphalt yourself. The range includes asphalt repairers & renovators, as well as all the other necessities to maintain your asphalt yourself.

Asphalt can last for decades, provided it is properly maintained. When the asphalt is broken, it does not always have to be excavated and replaced, in many cases you can repair your asphalt yourself.

In what ways can asphalt break down?

  • tear down
  • holes
  • collapse
  • break out
  • unravel
  • by slotted discs
  • by placing new manhole covers

We work with quality brands such as Almex, ChipFill, Van Den Broek and others. With these products you can quickly and easily repair or renew your asphalt on your driveway or company site. For additional information about which product best suits your needs, feel free to contact us.


Our most sold products

Almex asphalt renovator to repair your asphalt yourself

Asphalt renovator Almex

Renew your obsolete asphalt with Almex and give it a healthy structure again. This is a ready-to-use mixture that renews and strengthens your driveway, company site or parking lot.
Chipfill repair kit to repair pits or damage in your asphalt

Asphalt repair kit ChipFill®

Easy to repair all kinds of damage to your asphalt, you only need a brush and gas burner. The reliable solution for quality repair of your asphalt at a cheap price.
Cold asphalt Van Den Broek to quickly repair holes in your asphalt

Cold asphalt Van Den Broek

This standard cold asphalt from Van Den Broek, the product of choice for quick and easy filling of wells. Ideal for a quick repair at low cost.

Maintain asphalt

First, we discuss the maintenance of asphalt, because we mainly try to prevent it from breaking.
What can you do besides avoiding overload?
– demossing
– flushing out mud with high pressure
– if it is very dirty or mossy, clean with bleach
– Spilled harmful liquids can be cleaned up with, for example, absorption granules.

Repair cracks in asphalt

It is important to distinguish between large and small cracks. A small crack is understood to mean straight or incorrect cracks that are maximum 3 cm wide and / or deep. The crack should be cleaned very well. Start with wiping out, loosen all loose particles with a sharp object and finish with blowing out. Once it is completely clean, you can start repairing damage to your asphalt yourself.

Repair subsidence in asphalt

Before you start, ensure a dust-free and dry surface. The most cost-efficient and fast asphalt repair solution is the application of cold asphalt. Cold asphalt exists in a standard form, and a reactive form that can be processed faster & is even stronger.

Repair pits and holes in asphalt

We have a durable solution for filling shallow wells and holes, which is also very easy to apply. This way you can repair your asphalt on your driveway or other business premises in no time.

Close trenches in asphalt

Electricians, among others, often cut trenches in asphalt that have to be closed again afterwards.
The following is especially important here:
– make sure you have nice straight edges of at least 4 cm deep
– it is best to mark these in advance with a hammer line grinder before making any cuts
– saw cuts are best made with a standard angle grinder, with a concrete / asphalt blade diameter 230 mm.

Repair uneven asphalt joints

– narrow joints can be repaired with overbanding rollers
– wide joints can be better repaired with Chipfill.

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