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Renewing asphalt? Almex asphalt renovator

Almex is the ideal means to repair or upgrade your asphalt. It is very easy to apply and does not require any tools. This bituminous slurry is very suitable to completely replace the (old or not) asphalt on your driveway, parking lot or company site. Almex is a bitumen emulsion with additives and is available in handy 20 or 50 kg buckets.

How does Almex work:

  • closes cracks, cracks and small holes
  • reposition the stones in the asphalt
  • eliminates the risk of freezing

The product is suitable for the renovation of old asphalt. It must be assumed that the structure is still healthy. With Almex you also apply an extra protective layer, which extends the life of your asphalt. In many cases, Almex is a simpler, more efficient, more sustainable and cheaper alternative than installing new asphalt.

How to apply Almex?

Directions for use – Apply Almex

  1. Choose a day with good weather

    It is very important that Almex is used in good conditions. It should not be too cold or too hot. The ideal processing temperature is between 15 and 20 ° C. The ideal is therefore between May and October. Almex is best used in the morning.

  2. Clean the surface

    Almex should always be applied on a clean surface. Make sure that loose particles are brushed away.Wipe off soil and / or mud, spray the asphalt with a garden hose or high-pressure cleaner and make sure it is completely clean.

  3. Mixing

    All you have to do is mix the Almex in the bucket. This gives you a homogeneous mass. It can be useful to mix with drill and mixing head.Nothing else needs to be added.

  4. Apply

    The asphalt may still be a bit damp. The mixture may be applied at 1 kg per 1 m². It is best spread out with a puller. If the weight per square meter is not achieved, a 2nd layer may be applied. Scattering with sand or grains is unnecessary.

  5. Drying

    Applied Almex dries best – depending on the air humidity, outside temperature and thickness of the layer – between 3 and 5 hours. After drying, the layer turns completely black.


In principle – apart from a puller – no tools are required.Flex foam gloves and a drill with mixing head can be useful. The processed piece of asphalt can be closed off with traffic cones and / or string tape.


Almex is always in stock with us and is shipped worldwide. You can already order from 1 bucket. Depending on the quantity ordered, the buckets are sent by courier or pallet transport. If we provide a pallet transport, we will contact you.

Almex delivery

Other damage to asphalt

With Structurax we have a great expertise in asphalt product knowledge. For further questions you can always call or email, or take a look at our category road repairs.

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