Asphalt granulate TopFalt - 12.50 kg

 34,88 excl. VAT

 42,20 incl. VAT

ready-made product
very high stability and suitable for twisting traffic
suitable for heavy loads

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Geschatte levertijd van dit product:

Geschatte levertijd van dit product:

Van Den Broek Topfalt is an asphalt granulate that is very easy to apply.


  • Van Den Broek Topfalt
  • asphalt granulate
  • very easy to use
  • small holes, cracks and cracks are refilled
  • not sensitive to frost
  • can also be processed at temperatures below 0 ° C


  • brush the surface to be treated
  • spray the surface to be treated with a garden hose or high-pressure cleaner
  • pretreat with an adhesive primer
  • Stir the Topfalt well
  • evenly distribute the Topfalt over the surface
  • heating with a burner
  • compacting by means of hand rammer or vibrating plate



  • for filling small asphalt damage: small cracks, grooves and pits
  • very suitable for emergency repairs



  • available in buckets of 12,50 kg
  • consumption: 1 bucket for 0,8 m² with a layer thickness of 1 cm
  • a deeper surface can be applied in several layers: layer thicknesses from 20 to 40 mm
  • shelf life: unlimited, unopened in a sheltered place out of the sun
  • colour black
  • grid 0-5


Weight 12 kg

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