Parklio + smartphone app - automatic parking bracket - new model

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Geschatte levertijd van dit product:

Geschatte levertijd van dit product:

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Parklio is an automatic and smart electric (anti-) parking bracket that is operated by your smartphone.
Through a handy app, you open the intelligent parking bracket. Closing happens automatically or by operating the app. You do not have to leave the car to open the bracket, and you do not have to worry about lost or forgotten infrared remote controls, which is usually the case with other automatic brackets.In short, more user-friendly and fully automatic folding is not possible.

You can give your guests access by using the app and a temporary digital key.
With the Parklio automatic parking bracket you, your employees and your guests are sure of your parking space at all times.

This Parklio is the 2nd generation automatic parking barrier, the model Zeus. This model is lower which makes it easy to drive, can handle 9 tons of load, and is also manually foldable.



  • Parklio automatic anti-parking bracket
  • powered by electric motor
  • easy to control through your smartphone and free app (Andriod and iOS) – no additional costs
  • you, your employees and guests have your private parking space free at all times
  • opening is done with 1 click in the app
  • closing is possible with 1 click in the app, or automatically with the auto-close function
  • your guests can also park at your place using a temporary code
  • thanks to the built-in battery and bluetooth connection, no connection is required
  • thanks to the removable safety pin, the bracket can also be folded down manually
  • when a collision happens, only the removable safety pin breaks. This is also available separately and costs less than 20 €.
  • hardware and software are available on request that efficiently and remotely control and / or manage (several) Parklio’s. Mail or call for more information.



  • weight 15 kg
  • dimensions length 918 mm x width 331 mm x height 68 mm. The height when closed is 517 mm.
  • the automatic parking bracket works via Bluetooth, so no WiFi, Ethernet connection or SIM card is required
  • the Parklio is very easy to attach to the ground with the 4 supplied anchor bolts. No concrete base needed, just attach it to the floor.
  • works on mains power (90V-250V AC) or batteries
  • has a large capacity (rechargeable li-ion) battery and a built-in solar panel (charging with solar energy)
  • works for 1 year without intermediate charging
  • charging is very easy with the included charger
  • the enclosed manual provides a simple configuration and installation
  • the auto-close sensors allow the Parklio automatic parking bracket to close automatically when driving away, and not close when a car is parked above
  • 2 mm thick stainless steel housing: safe for theft, vandalism and loads of up to 9 tons
  • housing very easy to open and close due to the built-in lock
  • rain and snow resistant, and can handle temperatures from -20 ° C to 60 ° C
  • more technical features can be found on the Parklio website
  • prices are based on quantities purchased. For multiple items, feel free to request your login or quote via email.


You see, the Parklio automatic parking bracket is full of innovations and offers many possibilities.Versatile application in public and private car parks, business parks, reserved parking spaces at hotels, screening off parking spaces in busy cities, etc.

For this product, we would like to point out that we are also awarding something to our customers / partners. If you cannot or do not leave the installation of the Parklio’s to someone else, we would be happy to put you in contact with one of our customers / partners.

Park with Parklio and be sure of your parking space


Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 92 × 33 × 7 cm

Standaard batterij, Dubbele capaciteit batterij, Netvoeding

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