Speed bump heavy duty 60 tons - end piece yellow - 60 mm

 39,19 excl. VAT

 47,42 incl. VAT

Geschatte levertijd van dit product:

Geschatte levertijd van dit product:

This heavy duty speed threshold can handle the highest loads.
The escape hill is specially made for loads up to 60 tonnes.



  • speed bump heavy duty end piece yellow
  • to be fixed with glue and / or fixing bolts / spikes
  • very robust
  • 2 end pieces (black and/or yellow) and one or more middle pieces are needed to make a speed bump
  • the end pieces protect the middle pieces and ensure a finished appearance



  • 100% rubber
  • maximum load 60 tons
  • 250 mm wide (horizontal side of the element when it is horizontal in front of you)
  • 450 mm long (vertical side of the element when it is horizontal in front of you. So the sides that connect to each other)
  • 60 mm high
  • 2,7 kg
  • is supplied without mounting material
  • 2 mounting holes



  • you calculate how many meters of threshold you need. A heavy duty center piece is 1000 mm wide, a heavy duty end piece black or yellow 250 mm.
  • you provide a clean surface where you will mount the speed bump
  • you make a line with a chalk line reel
  • you lay the elements along the chalk line as you will install them
  • you drill the holes through the holes in the speed bump. This will be with a concrete drill with a diameter of 14 or 16 mm.
  • if desired, the elements can be additionally glued to the asphalt or concrete surface. That way no dirt can get in and the freezing cold cannot push the elements up.
  • mounting on concrete:
    you use screws with plugs.
    alternatively you can also use 14 mm concrete screws
  • mounting on asphalt:
    you use screws with plugs
    you can also use nails as an alternative
    In both cases these can be used with a chemical anchor. Bear in mind the drying times of the chemical anchor so that the anchor is not dried up when you tighten the bolts.
  • for the quantity to be ordered: a middle piece needs 8 fixings, an end piece 2.
Weight 2.7 kg
Dimensions 25 × 45 × 6 cm

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